From Your High Place

by Good News

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released July 25, 2016




Good News East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Good News creates music that is aggressive and punchy, yet poppy and danceable. Live, the band brings a crackling energy to every space that is an absolute pleasure to experience. Their music ranges from singable hooks, to mellow and contemplative, just as is seen on their demo, From Your High Place. The central message of Jesus's death and Resurrection ring throughout the lyrics of their music. ... more

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Track Name: Red Light Green Light
Your words resonate all through my sickened bones.
My chest collapses at the vision of your throne.
Viewing the world, anger I can’t control.
I’m waiting to see all your idols fall to stone

We cannot go to the promised land. But you’ve opened the doors and you’ve reached out your hand.

You think your life reflects Jesus’s love.
Your feet fall through cracks when push comes to shove.
I’m not inferring I’m almighty, enduring.
But I can see that your doubts become reoccurring.
Track Name: Midnight
Fun lil instrumental thing. Like it, eh?
Track Name: Pro-Avo: Anti-Cado
Do you remember your friends?
Bill, John and Ted.
They’ve ran up to you worried.
Wondering where you went.

You’ve been swept in the ocean.
Lungs are sinking down.
He’s delivered a boat to you.
Reached his hand right out.

The snake has devoured
On your leaning soul.
You can’t quite remember
why you’re mad with us all.

You can’t remember you’re walking alone.

Now you wash your hands
of the guilt you’ve been put through.
You haven’t noticed that
Theres blood all over you.
Track Name: Titus (Israel Mix)
Your limit starts where your head stops
It doesn't get you far at all.
No ones size of their house really matters in the long run. I recall,
The story of a man who traded all his morals for the world
He ended up begging at the feet of God the place where we belong

Your thoughts, your cars, your
Money doesn't matter in the long run of things. Objects are as useless as the bits of trees you work for even though you have the seeds planted in your mind that could lead you to the truth.

The rocks around your neck will be the noose that brings to your death.
Your media is just a bunch of waves gathered in your head.
A ghost looks down the hall at the man standing at the edge about to fall into the depths of all his petty loves, the ideals he recalls.