Lame Excuses

by Good News

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released July 25, 2014




Good News East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Good News creates music that is aggressive and punchy, yet poppy and danceable. Live, the band brings a crackling energy to every space that is an absolute pleasure to experience. Their music ranges from singable hooks, to mellow and contemplative, just as is seen on their demo, From Your High Place. The central message of Jesus's death and Resurrection ring throughout the lyrics of their music. ... more

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Track Name: I Can't Help You, Sorry.
No, your logics false,
18 years old isn't much.
You're not that bright
To find your life
Is made from the thoughts in your head.

You're not right, you're not right
And I cannot help you out.

No, you're gonna roll in death
Even though you have a chance
You'll nail your hands into your thoughts
And watch the lifeboats sail aloft
Track Name: Wake Up
Sit down in the house of mourning
If thats what it takes to get close to me.
Ghost come on in, Haunt my reality
Show me the worst and scare me to thee.

Wake me at the time of midnight,
Make me see things, Hallucinate my lies.
If it takes pain to come to your eyes.
Lord, bring down the biggest storm in my life.
Track Name: Mexican Moonlit Mamba
You're sitting in an empty room,
Looking for an answer, Soon
You will confess as you progress
Realize that you're just a mess
Sitting on the ocean floor just looking for a breath or more
But you know...

You'll go your separate way,
Looking for another escape,
I'll see you looking back, Looking back now.
Track Name: Titus
Your limit starts where your head stops
It doesn't get you far at all.
No ones size of their house really matters in the long run. I recall,
The story of a man who traded all his morals for the world
He ended up begging at the feet of God the place where we belong

Your thoughts, your cars, your
Money doesn't matter in the long run of things. Objects are as useless as the bits of trees you work for even though you have the seeds planted in your mind that could lead you to the truth.

The rocks around your neck will be the noose that brings to your death.
Your media is just a bunch of waves gathered in your head.
A ghost looks down the hall at the man standing at the edge about to fall into the depths of all his petty loves, the ideals he recalls.